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"Are You Looking For An 'All Inclusive'

Money Making System

That You Can Build In Your Spare Time?"
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My Instant Biz is closed. I have partnered up with Clint Clark, owner of the QUIK Family of sites. We created an excellent program that will do all the things that My Instant Biz did and a whole lot more. Bottom line is, our new program is far superior to My Instant Biz and still offers you the ability to build a downline in TrafficWave plus some other income streams that are outstanding.

We asked all MIB members to join our new program and cancel their MIB account. We asked them to use the same username to join this new program. If they did as we asked, clicking on the link below will bring you to the new program with the same sponsor you would have had in MIB.

The new program is called The 7K Team System. Click the button below to go to that site and decide for yourself if it is the right program for you.


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